• FOUNDATIONS.- Foundation by reinforced concrete slab. Previous geotechnical study of the land.
  • BEARING STRUCTURE.- Bearing structure of reinforced concrete; composed of reticular bi-directional planes; reinforced concrete pillars. All in compliance with the EHE-08 and C.T.E, DB-SE, (Doc Basic Structural Safety, the Technical Building Code.); supervision by the Architect; tests of concrete and steels by approved laboratory; external control O.C.T. by Technical Control Agency. Decennial insurance granted by authorized insurance company.


  • WALLS.- Exterior walls consists of double ceramic block, the outer 12cm thick and the inner 7 cm thick. Air chamber with thermal and acoustic insulation inside and lined inside with polyurethane foam.
  • FACADE.- Facade combined with large white porcelain tiles and white limestone mortar by Truccsa.
  • EXTERNAL CARPENTRY.- Exterior carpentry in grated silver. In the living room two guide sliding glass doors with double glazing. The rest are sliding and openable series with double glazing.
  • ROOF.- A non-transmittable flat roof, inverted system composed of slopes with lightweight concrete, thermal and sound insulation with high density extruded polystyrene, geotextile sheet, a layer of dampproof sealing and gravel finish.
  • TRANSITABLE TERRACE SOLARIUM ON THE FIRST FLOOR.- A transmittable terrace, made up of slopes with lightweight concrete, thermal and sound insulation, geotextile sheet, a layer of bituminous damp-proof sealing and artificial grass on cement finish.


  • VERTICAL PARTITIONS.- Internal divisions of the entire house with 9cm double cavity. Core wall and projected plaster coating.
  • CEILINGS.- False ceiling throughout the house with plasterboard supported by metal fittings.


  • INTERIOR FLOORING.- High quality Porcelain interior flooring; large formats and various colors.
  • TILES.- In bathrooms high quality porcelain enamel tiles, combining mosaic and decorated. In kitchen area high quality porcelain enamel tiles.
  • OUTDOOR PAVEMENTS.– Outside the ground floor, rustic porcelain tiled floor in passageways. Finished with artificial grass in other areas.
  • STAIRS.- National marble steps.
  • DOORS AND WARDROBES.- Entrance door to house metal with security lock. Doors and wardrobes in natural wood or lacquered white, smooth series with chrome handles.
  • PAINTWORK.- Smooth paint throughout the house; color to choose.


  • PLUMBING.- Distribution network hot and cold potable water, with thermoplastic polypropylene random copolymer PP-R pipe; pipe joints and accessories welded thermos fusion. Horizontal and vertical sewerage. Drains and downspouts in PVC.
  • FIXTURES AND TAPS.- High quality vitrified porcelain bathroom fittings. Recessed sink on cabinet, including mirror and apply light. A rectangular custom shower tray, resin and nonslip; including shower enclosure. High quality chrome mixer taps in bathrooms and kitchen; thermostatic mixer shower taps. Outlets for washer machine, laundry tub and taps in the garden outside.
  • ELECTRICITY AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS.- Electrical installation according to REBT, Low Voltage electrical regulation. TV and telephone sockets in all rooms. Mechanisms; brand Niessen.
  • PRODUCTION OF HOT WATER.- The thermal energy contained in the air is transmitted to heat water by a Ariston heat pump. Placed on the ground floor laundry outside. energía térmica renovable del aire exterior ( AEROTERMIA ) mediante bomba de calor Aristón; para producción de agua caliente sanitaria. Colocado en lavadero exterior de planta baja.
  • AIR CONDITIONING.- Complete installation of air conditioning composed of two EQUIPMENT PUMP HEAT INVERTER DUCTS; one on the ground floor and another on the upper floor, of 5,200 W. cooling capacity and 6,000 W of heating power, high density Climaver duct network, copper pipe for equipment interconnection, Armaflex insulation, impulse grids and color return white, pp. of supports, sinenbloc, drains, wiring, parameter checking, gas loading and commissioning, industry memory and rates.


  • KITCHEN.- Full kitchen furniture consisting of high and low cabinets and lower baseboard, with kitchen fronts finished in medium quality white finish; composition and design according to Show House.
  • HOME APPLIANCES.- Kitchen equipped with stainless steel sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, vitroceramic hob, oven and extractor hood.
  • EXTERIOR.- LED light fixtures on exterior facade. Architecture textile sail design on front first floor terrace with light-weight tensed structure.
  • GARAGE/STORAGE ROOM.- Annex to the house on ground floor, available as a storage room and garage, closed, ventilated and lighted naturally; with automatic door.
  • GARDEN.- External enclosure of the plot combining areas of the factory wall lined with white lime monolayer mortar and thermos lacquered metal grid zones; with access doors for vehicles and pedestrian idem metal grid integrated in the enclosure including intercom and electric opening synchronized with the exterior lighting; bottom skirting of walls with porcelain tile. Lateral and posterior dividing enclosures with solid wall of work lined with white lime monolayer mortar on the bottom and translucent glass on the top.
  • UNIFAMILIAR POOL.- Rectangular swimming pool of approx. 10 M2, built in Gunnite concrete and coated with tiles. Including interior lighting with single-color LED, jet, stair access, steps, water purification equipment, skimmer, pump, filters and valves.



Alpert multilayer tube 16; Set collectors with cabinet 4 – 3 outputs; Mts. Insulation with studs of 20 with protective film; Set of thermostats; Headboards and control unit for the regulation of temperatures per room; Mts perimeter girdle; Resistance set for underfloor heating in insulated bathrooms and similar thermostats; Air-conditioning machine Panasonic Aquara 07 Bibloc; Interaculator 1001 with three-way valve and support resistance; Installation and door in progress.




Interior lighting assembly which consists of: Kitchen: one – LED light downlight. In living room: nine LED lights 3 W and one hanging lamp at the table area. Bedrooms: LED spotlights, their amount can vary, depending of the surface of each room; In bathrooms: A LED wall lamp and LED ceiling downlight 18 W. Staircase and distributors: at the bottom of the stairs: two led spotlights; staircase: LED strips and a “spider” lamp with vintage light bulbs. Outdoors: Six LED wall sconces around the house and four points of outdoor lighting and a led strip in pool area. All top brands.


15.000,00 €

Lift for two with two stops sliding doors. Otis or ThyssenKrupp brand.